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Dia Duit!

Welcome to MF Learning Seirbhísí Foghlama, an independent Irish language service!

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MF Learning has been awarded one gold and two bronze medals in the national Gradaim Gnó na hÉireann 2022 awards ceremony for educational services and the development of the Irish Language

What Our Students Say:

Michelle is easy to get on with and explains everything so I can understand it

(Carla, Year 7)

I like working with Michelle because she makes learning fun and is nice to me, if Michelle has to explain something a few times to me before I get it she doesn't mind doing that.

(Junior, Year 5)

“I like working with Michelle because she helps me with my numbers and letters and she is so funny!

(Jessica, Year 3)

I left school almost sixty years ago at 13 years of age with zero Gaeilge. About four years ago I decided to learn my own native language. I stumbled around by myself for a while and then I took an online class. Over a year ago Michelle came to teach my class and she helped me through to the Fáinne Óir exam which I passed. Her youthful enthusiasm for the 'Teanga Gaeilge' is admirable!

(Pat, Dublin)

As an adult learner I have often found conversation in Irish difficult, but my classes with Michelle have helped me feel more confident in speaking Irish. I think she is an awesome teacher and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn or improve their Irish language skills!

(Barbara, USA)

I have been in a few classes with Michelle. I have enjoyed my Irish language learning experience with Michelle as she is organized, has great access to the materials and as a native speaker Michelle is able to clarify the intricacies of the Irish Language which is very helpful.. mar sin tóg rang agus bain taitneamh as an turas!

(Tim, USA)

Great informal learning environment with usual vocab and every day phrases. My conversational ability and confidence in Gaeilge has significantly improved thanks to these great classes!

(Emma, Waterford)

I have been taking Irish language classes in the United States for the past three years, along with supplementing my instruction with Duo Lingo, Rosetta Stone, and other language resources. It wasn´t until I started taking classes with Michelle Furey that I felt like I was really progressing in my learning. She is an experienced teacher who works very well with adult learners. I enjoy her well-paced instruction, classes are fun, and it is obvious that she has a lesson plan for each class. Michelle is very good at explaining the complexities of the Irish language and makes excellent use of class time with direct instruction, group, and individual work. Maith thu!

(Randi, Pennsylvania USA)

I’ve been taking private lessons with MF since November 2020. Since then, my ability and confidence in writing, listening/understanding and speaking Irish has vastly improved. Through the lessons and homework MF prepared me to successfully pass the Gold Fáinne exam in June. Classes are well structured, diligently prepared using a variety of resources and they are thoroughly enjoyable. I couldn’t recommend Michelle more highly as a teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable, organized and an overall joy to interact with! Léanfaidh mé ar aghaidh léi gan amhras gan dabht! Go raibh maith agat Michelle!

(Mark, Dublin/California)

Michelle is an excellent teacher and her resources are excellent. Good balance of work

A Big go raibh maith agat to Michelle for her sessions - really very enjoyable.

Very positive, enjoyable and fun experience- learned a lot

Michelle you have been wonderful and it has given me the bug to keep on learning

I think Michelle is an excellent teacher - her lessons are well prepared and constructed - she also adapts to the level of the class and is very helpful. I am speaking not only as a past teacher but a teacher -trainer, including teaching at University level on music education courses. Michelle ticks all the right boxes

The classes (and the teacher) were excellent

Enjoyed it a great deal and learned a lot. The challenge is retention and practice!!

(FODC Anonymous class reviews, Co. Tyrone)

Michelle has been my Irish teacher for almost a year now and as well as having learned so much it has been a brilliant experience for me. Michelle has a great passion for the language and is an excellent teacher- she motivates and is positive and encouraging. Her classes are challenging, interesting with lots of craic thrown in and absolutely no pressure. Activities include conversation, reading, writing and group work, all of which keep you interested and help you learn. I got my fainne airgead in June and I will be signing up again for September 2021

(Mary, Fermanagh)

I have been doing Irish classes with Michelle since last year. The classes are well planned with a good mixture of structured learning and comhrá which I find very useful and enjoyable

(Martina, Tyrone)

As a teacher and teacher/trainer of many years in Ireland, the UK and USA, I can enthusiastically recommend Michelle as an excellent Irish Language teacher! Teaching is not just about knowing your subject (which Michelle knows thoroughly) but it is also an art within itself. Michelle knows how to assess and relate to whatever level students are at and move them to the next- now that is excellent and skilful teaching! I thoroughly enjoy her lessons and my grasp of the language and confidence in speaking it constantly improves. No matter what level you are, whether beginner or advanced, she will help you keep moving forward and make this beautiful language accessible to you!

(Dr. Mary Mc Laughlin, Singer, Academic and Teacher)

Michelle has been an incredible teacher! I've done private tutoring with her for a year and have also done conversation classes with her and she has been incredible. She has stretched me and provided a lot of resources to help me to grow and provides plenty of opportunities to have natural conversation in all of her lessons.

(Shane Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO Boostly, Utah, USA)